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Bus Ride Home was originally formed by Steve and Karl and was not Punk but an acoustic cover band.  Steve soon got his electric guitar but he didn't use it because he had no amp.  At X-mas Steve got an amp and after new years eve practices began as a punk band.  Shane was later added just so the band looked good and to say we had a bass player (and the fact that he was pretty good).  So Officially bus ride home was formed in February of 2002 with the first show in April.  After the show the band worked on a whole bunch of new material and then started playing again in the summer with Open Ended and other bands at Sunshine Ridge Baptist Church.  Over the rest of the summer the Band did there own thing and near the end resumed practice ready to rock with awesome Punk in the school year.

Click below to view each of the players individual bio's.

Steve - Vocals, Guitar

Shane - Vocals, Bass

Karl - Drums, and he wishes he could be BV  but he can't