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   S t e v e 

Name: Steve or Nip
Born? March 28, 1988
Description: Hot
Activities or Hobbies? Fishing, talking to animals, eating, sleeping, living, playing guitar, drawing tattoos on my arm and dreaming about me having a lip ring and my leg tattooed and bus ride home touring with slick shoes
Any Brothers or Sisters? 2 bro 1 sister
What Instrument do you play? Guitar
What gear do you use? De Armond Les Paul, Ernie ball strings and any amp i can get my hands on
Fav. Bands? I can stand anything except pop and rap.  My favorites are Slick Shoes, Sick Of Change and Justaycalm. Anything Fast
Influences? Anything Punk
Fav. Food? Oriental food
Fav. Song? Something by Slick Shoes
Fav. Song by BRH? Our fast stuff,. wait a minute that's all our songs
Fav. Local Band? JustayCalm, Swingset Champion, Plug, Open Ended
Fav. Show that you played? Keep the Beat
Fav. Band to play with? Open Ended                                               Fav .Commercial? The commercial where the hawk steals the beer (Budweiser..)
Fav. TV Show/ Cartoon? Simpsons
Fav. City? My basement
Pet Peeve: People who swear like every second word, people who are annoying, people who brag, and most of all PEOPLE WHO DON'T MOSH
Weird thing? Me!
For the band to answer:
Anything weird about this person? Well he thinks he’s weird
Anything that you think other people should know? He thinks he’s weird
Now for the important questions:
Have you….
Ever Died? Ya I am dieing everyday
Eaten something haggard? A slug, and a 2 week old sandwich in my garage and sometimes i eat stuff out of the garbage
Set yourself on fire? Yah, my shoe
Jumped in a pool right side up? Ya
Sweated at a punk rock show?  My bum gets really sweaty and so does my back and there is like a waterfall of sweat running down my face
Sniffed Steve’s socks lately? Every day man!
Will You?
Ever play in a pop band? HEAVEN FORBID!
Play a classical instrument? The piccolo and the violin (classical punk

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