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     K a r l

Name: Karl or Tuck
Born? No not yet (September 17, 1988)
Description: I donno. Get me a mirror
Activities or Hobbies? Drums, Moshing, BMX and plane trains and automobiles best book ever)
Any Brothers or Sisters? 1 older brother
What Instrument do you play? Drumsees and sticks
What gear do you use? Yamaha stage custom advantage
 with no-name sticks (YAH 5 DOLLAR DRUM STICKS)- I break lots
Fav. Bands? anything retro rock( the who, crossby stills, led zeplin), Captain and Tennille, Craig's Brother, MXPX, Justaycalm!, Hot Water Music, Small Brown Bike, NOFX- but i like slick shoes the best 
Influences? Bailey's Car, (Cam Stephens)
Fav. Food? Waffles
Fav. Song? Just Stay Calm- Underestimate- and leaving the world
Fav. Song by BRH? Words
Fav. Local Band? Just Stay Calm, Sound Curfew,  Open Ended, Catchacomba >are u guys still a band?
Fav. Show that you played? Keep the beat > good mosh pit
Fav. Band to play with? Open Ended (the nicest guys)
Fav. Commercial? Commercials are evil they take away time from me shows
Fav. TV Show/ Cartoon? Simpsons
Fav. City? Alabama yeah yeah, Alabama Road Fools
Pet Peeve: When Steve tells us about his sweaty bum!
Weird thing? Eating Ice Cream Naked,
For the band to answer: Anything weird about this person?
He eats ice cream naked! Anything that you think other people should know? Karl is weird
Now for the important questions:
Have you….
Ever Died? not yet
Eaten something haggard? Pizza that was thrown away! A staple and plastic rap
Set yourself on fire? Yah, my hand, on Halloween
Jumped in a pool right side up? No! Upside
Sweated at a punk rock show? HA NO! I'm usually just surfing around                                                                                              Sniffed  Steve’s socks lately? Ha! ya right i don't want to die yet!
Will You?
Ever play in a pop band? Yah, I want to be one of those "sexy" ahh not guys that dance in the background
Play a classical instrument? If only i could









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