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     S h a n e

Name: Shane or Chemanius
Born? Yes
Description: Shag, Brown eyes, likes long walks on the beach (Surf not sand) Looks like the bass     player from BRH
Activities or Hobbies? yeah right
Any Brothers or Sisters? 1 bro
What Instrument do you play? Bass guitar
What gear do you use? Yamaha Bass Guitars, Ernie Ball Strings, Traynor Amps
Fav. Bands? Slick Shoes, P.O.D., Radiohead, MxPx
Influences? P.O.D., MxPx, Derek & Amanda Salmon, Steve Doerksen
Fav. Food? Kraft Dinner
Fav. Song? Angel - Slick Shoes
Fav. Song by BRH? Words and the cool song
Fav. Local Band? Justaycalm, High Maintenance
Fav. Show that you played? 30 Hr famine
Fav. Band to play with? Us
Fav. Commercial? Canadian Clb  (Does this make me look fat)
Fav. TV Show/ Cartoon? That 70's Show
Pet Peeve: Swearing people
Weird thing? Play with my hair
For the band to answer:
Anything weird about this person? He's actually good at school
Anything that you think other people should know? Well... ladies He's single
Now for the important questions:
Have you….
Ever Died? what is death?
Eaten something haggard? Yeah
Set yourself on fire? No but I poured boiling water on myself
Jumped in a pool right side up? Jumping is dangerous
Sweated at a punk rock show? More than you
Sniffed Steve’s socks lately? yum
Will You?
Ever play in a pop band? I AM POP
Play a classical instrument? NO







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